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Looking back to 2016

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I decided to write a post, summing up year 2016 and nominate the best, the worst and the most unusual/interesting bars I've tasted last year.

Let's start with the worst bar. I'm giving this "award" to 50% Schogetten bar. It was awfully sweet.

the worst bar 2016

The best one is harder, there were more than one bar which I really liked, but I'm going to name just two. I start with 75% Pralus Ghana bar for its pure unforgettable chocolate taste.

the best bar 2016

The second best is 85% extra dark Milkboy bar.

second best bar 2016

Now, the most interesting bars.

Number one in this category is awarded to ... Guinness bar. That was really unexpected and interesting taste.

most interesting bar 2016

I also want to mention a Cote D'Or bar becaus of its pleasant hints of prunes.

second most interesting bar 2016

That's it!

Eugene Platonov

I really eat all this chocolate!

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