82% Belize Sail Shipped Cacao by Zotter

This is the new chocolate from Zotter. Although, it seemed to me a slightly improved version of my favorite Belize Special bar. And the improvement here »

70% Vegan Boozy Chocolate Mousse by Zotter

New vegan hand-scooped bar from Zotter. As you know, Zotter’s collections contain a lot of vegan chocolate, but it’s basically pure Labooko chocolate. But »

72% Peru Chuncho Vegan Dark Chocolate by Zotter

I don’t know how they do it, I mean Zotter, but this is another strong five stars. This is just like a holiday of some »

82% Labooko Peru Criollo Cuvée by Zotter

The second bar from Zotter, this time 82%. Interesting aroma, something flowerish, but not sharp. Packaging and design is 6 out of 5, like in Belize »